I/   Senyda Jewelry

Coming from a small country but our mindset is never small. Senyda Jewelry was established with the mission of bringing unique products to be domestic and foreign customers. We assert our position in not only the domestic market but also the international market. Foreign partners highly appreciated Senyda Jewelry because the products are made by skilled craftsmen and professional staff. Especially, we have a registered trademark.


II/ So, What Is Trademark?

“Trademark” is a brand protected by law and intellectual property rights. The legislation of nations stipulates that if we have a registered trademark, that brand name isn’t allowed to use within that country by anyone. This contributes to protecting customers from counterfeit and poor quality products and customers can absolutely trust Senyda's products. We hope to have a chance for long-term international cooperation with investors. And once again, trademarking can assert that we are committed to creating the most delicate, high-quality, and affordable products. We promise there will be a potential project in the future.