Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Instagram has become an immensely vital platform for jewelry enthusiasts. Renowned faces and talented jewelry bloggers have made indelible marks within this social media community.

Join Senyda as we explore the top 6 most famous jewelry bloggers to follow on Instagram, the accounts that mesmerize the community, and, above all, the secrets to their success, propelling them as shining stars in this social media realm.

Katerina Perez

Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

With over 410 thousand followers on Instagram, Katerina stands among the top jewelry bloggers and influencers worldwide. She has been featured in leading fashion magazines, including Vogue, L'Officiel, and Robb Report. After receiving training from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and working with Tiffany & Co., Katerina decided to pursue her passion for jewelry through her blog.

Driven by a profound love for jewelry, Katerina shares unique ideas and personal perspectives on design. Her blog is not only a showcase of her passion but also a source of inspiration for the jewelry-loving community. She curates creative concepts from both established brands and emerging designers, enabling her audience to explore the diverse and fascinating world of jewelry.

Follow Katerina on Instagram to delve into the realm of jewelry design and stay updated with the latest trends.

Liza Urla

Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

With over 160 thousand followers on Instagram, Liza showcases exquisite jewelry pieces and accessories she discovers during her globetrotting adventures. Her posts highlight the latest trends in high-end, contemporary, and vintage jewelry. These eye-catching visuals have quickly gone viral, and she even attended "London Fashion Week" with her face adorned in pearl accents, displaying her unique and sophisticated taste.

Liza attended "London Fashion Week" with her face adorned in pearl accents.

Liza attended "London Fashion Week" with her face adorned in pearl accents.

Liza's blog is a fantastic source of inspiration and an avenue to stay updated with jewelry trends. Having studied Gemology in New York and currently based in London, she brings a professional and profound understanding of the jewelry world.

Follow Liza on Instagram for an exclusive peek into her unique and creative jewelry space. She is the perfect muse for jewelry enthusiasts looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of jewelry fashion.

Daniele Miele

Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

If you visit Daniele's blog, you will discover a diverse collection of jewelry categories, featuring exquisite pieces from various designers and beyond.

Daniele is a GIA-certified gemologist with extensive experience in vintage jewelry stores. Currently, she works as a full-time writer and jewelry consultant.

Follow Daniele on Instagram to explore a sophisticated and diverse jewelry space. She is the perfect companion to keep you updated with the latest jewelry trends and help you select jewelry pieces that match your unique style.

Becky Stone

Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Becky's jewelry blog website is truly a treasure trove. She underwent a complete career shift, transitioning from writing for the government to becoming a full-time professional jewelry blogger. She covers numerous topics, including designers and stores, leaving no stone unturned.

Becky's posts are diverse and engaging, encompassing business-related subjects like jewelry packaging and record-keeping, as well as the latest trends and interviews with renowned designers. Check out her dedicated section called 'Pretty Shiny Things,' where she introduces some stunning designs.

Follow Becky on Instagram to stay updated with unique jewelry content. She will guide you through the world of diverse and sophisticated jewelry, offering valuable suggestions to help you select the perfect pieces that match your style.

Cheryl Kremkow

Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Cheryl is an expert who focuses on researching trends and celebrity-favored jewelry. With over 25 years of experience writing about this field and serving as the editor-in-chief for esteemed magazines like Modern Jewelry and Lustre, she possesses a solid foundation in creating high-quality jewelry content. Presently, Cheryl manages a media company, collaborating with business clients to develop effective content strategies.

Follow Cheryl on Instagram to explore unique jewelry pieces with bold colors and remarkable designs.

Cathleen McCarthy

Top 6 Jewelry Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Cathleen has been writing for reputable jewelry magazines for over two decades. Her blog showcases unique jewelry designs with a blend of artistry and exclusivity, featuring rare pieces found at auctions.

Moreover, Cathleen's website serves as a valuable resource for jewelry manufacturers. Her 'Ask an Expert' section provides a wealth of instructional content, covering various jewelry-related topics, including design and marketing. Stay updated by following her blog on Facebook.

Recently, she posted about some exquisite jewelry discoveries from the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) Show. Explore and indulge in her distinctive creations at this noteworthy event.

Senyda hopes that this article has helped you discover and appreciate the rich culture of jewelry on Instagram. Continue following these bloggers to stay informed about valuable insights and exciting developments in the jewelry world.

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