The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

Diamonds are the rarest and most precious gemstones, celebrated for their stunning beauty and unparalleled rarity. But what about the genuinely colossal diamonds that stand out even among these wonders of nature?

Join Senyda in exploring the world of the largest diamonds ever unearthed and uncovering the mystical allure of these precious gems.

1. The Golden Jubilee Diamond (545.67 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Golden Jubilee Diamond (545.67 carats).

In the world of precious gemstones, there exists a truly exceptional diamond known by a familiar name: The Golden Jubilee. This diamond surpasses conventional standards with its astonishing weight of 545.67 carats.

Discovered in South Africa's Premier Mine in 1985, this rough diamond initially weighed a staggering 755 carats. However, in 1997, The Golden Jubilee found its way into the hands of the King of Thailand, marking the celebration of his 50-year reign. Before this momentous event, the diamond was simply known as "The Unnamed Brown," symbolizing its mysterious allure.

According to expert estimations, the value of this diamond is believed to be in the range of $4 to $12 million, underscoring the limitless allure of the world of gemstones.

2. The Cullinan II Diamond (317.40 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Cullinan II Diamond (317.40 carats).

The Cullinan II Diamond shines with a distinctive shape and an impressive weight of 317.40 carats. Remarkably, this diamond graces the royal crown of the United Kingdom.

Crafted from a remarkable gemstone, at some point, it was a part of a much larger diamond. Initially discovered with a staggering weight of nearly 3106 carats, this diamond was known simply as "Sir Thomas Cullinan."

3. The Cullinan I Diamond (530.20 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Cullinan I Diamond (530.20 carats).

The Cullinan I Diamond, also known as the "Star of Africa," boasts a remarkable pear-shaped form and an astounding weight of 530.20 carats. Measuring 53mm x 44mm x 29mm with a dazzling total of 76 facets, this diamond holds a unique distinction. It stands as the largest of the nine diamonds cut from "The 3106 carat Cullinan Diamond," hence earning its moniker "The Cullinan I."

Its chosen place of honor rests atop the royal scepter of King Edward, signifying its profound importance. Today, this exquisite gem can be marveled at in the Tower of London, a treasury of history and beauty.

The estimated value of the Cullinan I Diamond is approximately $400 million.

4. The Incomparable Diamond (407.48 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Incomparable Diamond (407.48 carats).

When The Incomparable Diamond was unearthed at the Mbuji Mayi mine within the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo during the 1980s, back when it was known as Zaire, it made a profound impression due to its colossal weight, tipping the scales at a remarkable 890 carats. Four years later, this diamond was transported to a dedicated facility for research and crafting into exquisite gemstones.

Among the diamonds crafted from raw stone, The Incomparable Diamond claims the title of the largest, weighing an impressive 407.48 carats.

Measuring 53.90 × 35.19 × 28.18 mm, this diamond radiates with a pure golden-brown hue, truly encapsulating the artistry and natural wonder of the world of precious gemstones.

5. The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond (312.24 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond (312.24 carats).

The Spirit of de Grisogono, the world's largest black-crafted diamond and the fifth-largest diamond in the world, boasts an impressive weight of 312.24 carats. Despite its black hue, this diamond exudes a unique beauty and luxury that set it apart from the rest.

The history of The Spirit of de Grisogono is equally fascinating. Originally discovered as a rough diamond weighing a staggering 587 carats in the Western part of Central Africa, it was subsequently imported to Switzerland, where it underwent a transformative journey of craftsmanship, emerging as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

6. The Centenary Diamond (273.85 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Centenary Diamond (273.85 carats).

In 1986, a rough diamond weighing a remarkable 599 carats was unearthed at the Premier Mine in South Africa. Through exceptional craftsmanship, this diamond was transformed into The Centenary, boasting a final weight of 273.85 carats and becoming an enduring masterpiece.

The Centenary measures 39.90 × 50.50 × 24.55 mm and boasts a total of 247 facets, with 164 on the diamond's face and 83 encircling the girdle. While the true value of this diamond remains a mystery, it was insured for nearly 100 million USD back in 1991.

7. The Jubilee Diamond (245.35 carats)

The Jubilee Diamond is a remarkable gem with the appearance of a cushion weighing 245.35 carats. Originally, this diamond existed in a raw, irregular, and unusually shaped form, weighing an astonishing 650.80 carats when discovered at the Jagersfontein mine in the late 1890s.

The Jubilee Diamond is truly unique for its extraordinary clarity and size. Although it was initially intended as a gift for Queen Victoria, the decision was later reconsidered, and it remained with its original owner.

The name "The Jubilee" was bestowed upon this diamond in commemoration of "Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee" (celebrating her 75th year on the throne), coinciding with the year it was cut and polished into its current magnificent form.

8. The De Beers Diamond (234.65 carats)

The De Beers Diamond is a precious gem discovered in the Kimberly mine in 1888. At that time, it was a rough diamond weighing a staggering 428.50 carats with a diameter measuring 47.6 mm, making it a truly remarkable find.

Before coming into the possession of The De Beers, it was displayed at the Maharaja of Patiala's residence in Paris. In 1928, Cartier of Paris affixed it at the center of a dazzling necklace, earning it the renowned name 'The Patiala Necklace.'

Originally, the necklace featured approximately 2,930 diamonds, totaling approximately 962.25 carats. However, today, it is primarily recognized as 'The De Beers,' a symbol of unique diamond heritage.

9. The Red Cross Diamond (205.07 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Red Cross Diamond (205.07 carats).

The Red Cross Diamond is a spectacular diamond resembling a radiant yellow swan, weighing an impressive 205.07 carats. This remarkable diamond was unearthed at the Kimberly mine in South Africa back in 1901 when it was still in its raw state, weighing a substantial 375 carats.

The Red Cross Diamond made a significant splash when it appeared at a special art auction held by Christie's in London in 1918. A rare marvel of nature, this diamond serves as an enduring symbol of beauty and boundless value in the world of precious gemstones.

10. The Millennium Star Diamond (203.04 carats)

The Giant Gems: Top 10 Largest Diamonds Worldwide

The Millennium Star Diamond (203.04 carats).

The Millennium Star Diamond - a pear-shaped masterpiece, perfect both inside and out, featuring an intricate total of 54 facets. Weighing an impressive 203.04 carats, this diamond ranks as the world's 10th heaviest.

Originating from a rough diamond initially weighing a remarkable 777 carats, it was discovered in the Mbuji-Mayi region of Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) back in 1990. However, after undergoing extensive research and meticulous craftsmanship, it was cut into three separate diamonds. Among these three remarkable gems, The Millennium Star stands out as the largest and most prominent.

While the true value of this diamond remains undisclosed, it has been insured for a staggering 100 million British Pounds, only a fraction of its actual worth, making it a true treasure of the gem world.

In the presence of their dazzling beauty, we come to appreciate that diamonds are indeed the most precious gemstones in the realm of gemstones. Remember to share this article with your friends and loved ones if you find it intriguing and informative!

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