Discover The World's Top 5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Love knows no bounds, and perhaps this holds true for the value of diamond rings as well. However, for the woman you cherish, your sincerity and care matter more than any gift.

Join Senyda in discovering the world's top 5 most expensive engagement rings on our list.

1. Mariah Carey's Engagement Ring

One of the remarkable love stories known to many is that of the renowned and wealthy singer, Mariah Carey. However, what truly stands out in this relationship is the incredibly expensive engagement ring that Mariah Carey received from her beloved.

It is worth noting that Mariah Carey's diamond engagement ring holds a value of up to 10 million USD (approximately 235 billion VND).

Discover The World's Top 5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

2. Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring

Gifted by then-boyfriend Richard Burton in 1968, the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring housed an astounding 33.19-carat diamond. It ranks among the purest diamonds globally, with minimal impurities and virtually no flaws. The diamond's surface was meticulously cut in a rectangular shape, creating a unique and opulent appearance.

While the initial valuation of this ring was around 3.5 million USD, its value skyrocketed to 8.8 million USD when it entered the auction market.

Discover The World's Top 5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

3. Paris Hilton's Engagement Ring

Paris Hilton was presented with a dazzling engagement ring featuring a 24-carat diamond worth a staggering 4.7 million USD by her billionaire boyfriend, Paris Latsis. This ring not only boasted a large, pristine diamond but also had a band made of white gold, creating a splendid fusion of sophistication and opulence.

However, the marriage between Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis was short-lived and ultimately came to an end. What's particularly noteworthy is that after this union, Paris Hilton chose to sell this very ring and utilize the proceeds to support the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Discover The World's Top 5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

4. Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring

The engagement ring of Princess Grace Kelly has evolved into a symbol of love and elegance. This remarkable piece of jewelry is a lavish work of art, presented to Grace Kelly by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and holds an estimated value of approximately 4.06 million USD.

The diamond engagement ring boasts an extraordinary 10-carat diamond, meticulously cut in a tiered rectangular shape, radiating brilliance.

Discover The World's Top 5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

5. Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring

Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring was presented to her by her former fiancé, Marc Anthony, and holds a value of up to 4 million USD. The prominent engagement ring features a light blue diamond weighing 8.5 carats, set against an exquisite backdrop of white gold.

Despite the conclusion of their relationship and subsequent divorce, Jennifer Lopez made the deliberate choice to retain this remarkable piece.

Discover The World's Top 5 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

Expensive engagement rings never fail to capture the attention of many. They are not only visually stunning but also hold stories of happiness and success in life.

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