Valentine's Day Gifts: With Love, But Not For Someone

 “The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.” 



 Valentine's Day Is Not Just For Couple

How kind you are to yourself is a measure of how kind the people you attract into your life will be. If you want to be gifted, give yourself gifts. Something that you can wear every day, which will remind you how independent you are. The best choice is jewelry.






Starting With Versatile Earrings

Do you want to buy earrings that you can wear with everyday attire or a glamorous gift reserved for special occasions? Stick with versatile earrings like  minimalist earrings if you want something you can wear with any outfit.


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"What We Desire From Another, We Must Give To Ourselves First."



Stunning And Strong, So You !

Pendants are close to our heart and literally as well. Necklaces are a splendid manner of adorning style and class together. So, picking a necklace from Senyda’s Collection. They’re so stunning, and so you !


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Perfect Gifts 

Discover our favorite designs only for you - dear girls.

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Ring It On By Yourself

It is wrong to think that rings are only given by guys. A ring is a symbol to commemorate a special life event, like an achievement or birthday, or project success and personal style. Many single ladies opt for a stunning ring because they don’t want to postpone a dazzling diamond instead of waiting for Mr. Right.


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Open Relationship

Does it matter which side you wear a wrist on, left or right?. However, some rumors wearing a bracelet on the left wrist signifies that a woman is in an open relationship.


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"Jewelry is precious just like you." 

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